Artist Statement

I am a socio-political, activist artist. I make art about traumatic geopolitical events, from a counter-memory perspective.



For example, 9/11 was a traumatic geopolitical event that happened in America. It engendered a certain kind of collective memory-making, which was overtly patriotic in nature. In all that nationalist noise, some narratives got silenced.


Specifically, the stunningly high number of Iraqi and Afghani lives lost, which is now in the millions. I call this the counter-memory of 9/11, which I excavate and make art about.


I make anti-memorials, which flips the idea of traditional memorialization and nationalist monuments on its head.

My anti-memorials are quietly provocative, temporary, incorporate visceral materials, and create experiential environments in which viewers can be vulnerable with unbearable and difficult memories with empathy.


In short, I seek to make “good trouble” with my artwork.