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Text-based  Art

Sculptural Poems

These text-based artworks play with the intrinsic nature of language as a means of communication. The sculptural poems are an exercise in paring down to the essentials, to the core, and an attempt at finding the “more in less.”


These text-based artworks are sculptural poems that problematize language through artistic interventions such as fracturing, fragmenting, disrupting, appropriating linguistic conventions to create new meanings and interpretations. These sculptural poems also employ formal methods of color and form to present the text-based artworks as installations on the wall or on the floor.


Installation view of Endlessly: the Shadow Pandemic, by Pritika Chowdhry

This text-based artwork is an anti-memorial for the victims of domestic violence, which has seen a sharp increase during COVID. UN Women has termed this phenomenon as the Shadow Pandemic. This is now a global phenomenon, including in North America and Europe.

This text-based artwork is an anti-memorial to loneliness and seeks to raise awareness about the increasing occurrence of and the harmful effects of loneliness, to the extent that the CDC has termed a public health epidemic. 

CLoser view of Empty Time: The Loneliness Epidemic, by Pritika Chowdhry
Installation view of Naturalized: The Immigrant Experience, by Pritika Chowdhry

Even though America is known as a land of immigrants, this text-based artwork brings attention to the traumatic process of immigration, and the systemic racism embedded in America's immigration and naturalization laws.

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