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Pritika's artworks are organized into two broad categories to encompass the breadth of her art practice.

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The Counter-Memory Project comprises artworks that engage with American and global socio-political issues, such as, 9/11, terrorist attacks, the Covid pandemic, immigration, and the English language.

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The Partition Memorial Project comprises artworks that engage with the geopolitics of partitioning a nation and communal strife, such as the Partition of India in 1947, other 20th century partitions.



In Curators' Words

Pritika Chowdhry’s artwork is a powder keg of emotionality, raw talent, and visceral grit! I have never met a more thoughtful, theoretically engaged artist-scholar-educator-activist. Counter-Memory Project is the stuff of truth-telling, trauma-healing, and narrative-forging!

Jacque Micieli-Voutsinas, PhD,

Assistant Professor Museum Studies

University of Florida, Gainesville