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Art Publications


"Empty Time" featured in essay by Eloise Rattle in "Life as a Human" online magazine.

"Broken Column" featured in Booooooom online art blog.

"Endlessly," “Empty Time,” and “Naturalized” featured in essay by Eloise Rattle in "We Can Life" online art blog.

The Partition Memorial Project featured on “We Can Life” online art blog.

“The Masters’ Tongues,” featured in an essay by Reanne Rodriguez in the Art House online gallery.

“Counter-memory Project” featured on Trendy Art Ideas art blog.


“Endlessly” featured in curatorial essay and catalog of    “Superusted” exhibition by curator, Cheryl Wigren Clyne.



“Silent Waters” featured on the cover of Weisman Art Museum newsletter, curatorial essay, titled “in Local Time” by curator, Diane Mullin.

“What the Nation Re-members: Resisting Victim Nationalism in Partition Memorial Project,” by Jacque Micieli-Voutsinas. GeoHumanities: Space, Place, and the Humanities, 1(2): 398-413.

Artist featured in Star Tribune, for her work in the Fourth Midwest Biennial at the Soap Factory, Minneapolis, MN.


“Rummaging through the wreckage: Geographies of trauma, memory, and loss at the National September 11th Memorial & Museum at the World Trade Center,” by Jacque Micieli-Voutsinas, featuring the artist’s works, pages 131-136.


“’Subaltern’ Remembrances: Mapping Affective Approaches to Partition Memory,” by Jacque Micieli-Voutsinas, featuring the artist’s works published in Social Transformations Journal of the Global South 1(1):27-58

Artist featured in “The Line Media,” for her installation in the Northern Spark Festival.

Artist’s website featured on “Local Artist Interviews” in Minneapolis, MN.


“Of Kites, Kurties, and Cartography,” by Quddus Mirza, The News, Lahore, Pakistan.


Broadcast interview about “Broken Column” at City 42, live TV channel, Lahore, Pakistan.

“Artwork Remembers the Crooked Line,” by staff reporter, The Dawn, Lahore, Pakistan.

“LOC (Line of Control)” on Art Shart blog, by Rabbya Naseer.

“Geography and Identity,” by Dylan Thomas, The Southwest Journal, Minneapolis, MN.

“Partition in Memoriam” by Jacque Micieli, “Encounters: International Journal for the Study of Culture and Society.”


“Subaltern Remembrances” by Jacque Micieli, Women’s Memory Work publication.

“Remembering the Crooked Line,” featured on Mono art blog in an exhibition review of the “What Rules?” art exhibition held at the Nature Morte gallery in Berlin.

“Dimensions of Indigenous” by Sheila Regan, City Pages, Minneapolis, MN.


“Retellings” exhibition review in Indian Express, The Statesman, and Time Out Delhi. 


Curatorial essay by Mary Birmingham, “Erasing Borders, 2010” exhibit catalog, published by Indo-American Arts Council. 

“Prints: Now in 3D!” exhibition review by Kerry Anne Morgan, Mid American Print Council Journal. 


“Strung, Hung, Drawn, and Quartered,” catalog essay of “Engendered” exhibit, by Amina Begum Ahmed. 

“Boundaries and Borderlands,” catalog essays by Nisha Kommatam and Tarini Bedi in exhibit catalog for

“What the Body Remembers” solo exhibit in DoVA Temporary, Chicago. 

Curatorial essay by Vijay Kumar in the catalog of “Erasing Borders, 2009” exhibit, published by Indo-American Arts Council.


Article referencing Transdiasporic Art Practices curatorial framework in “Exiles, Diasporas, and Strangers”, ed. by Kobena Mercer.


Article published in the August issue of “Susceptible to Images” magazine. 


Article published in the December issue of Asian Wisconzine.


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