Sculptural Poem #2

This project is a new series of sculptural poems that continues the investigation of the power of language as a container of emotions. For this series, I have picked words that are ambiguous words or fragments of phrases, which can be interpreted in different ways based on the subjectivity of the viewer. For me, the words are distillations of thoughts or feelings or experiences that I am mediating through formal concerns such as typography, color, texture, and material significance. This work is an exercise in paring down to the essentials, to the core, and an attempt at finding the “more in less.”

Also suggesting the fractured nature of language, these words are broken or interrupted at seemingly random but very intentional points. For example, the Endlessly work is installed broken at one point - END/lessly, and plays with the two parts of the word by the abrupt shift in capitalization. Incomplete in itself, the word can only exist in the imagination of the viewer as a phrase they complete themselves, such as, “endlessly seeking,” or as a thought, such as "endless cycles of violence," and so on. The word has multiple connotations, in terms of time (continuing forever without end) as well as spatially (the ocean stretched out before me endlessly).

This poem is comprised of four words, similarly fractured - beLONGING FOREVERmore ENDlessly unSTILL. The poem is complete in itself and can be interpreted in various ways by the viewer - be, be STILL, FOREVER unSTILL, LONGING ENDlessly, and so on.

The edges of the letters are blended into the wall to be continuous with the skin of the wall. The word is painted white and is installed to blend into a white wall and is lit to appear as an embossing in the wall.